Running is a Right

August 2, 2023

Story Summary

On Saturday, July 29, more than 80 people attended the Running is a Right event in collaboration with Shriners Children’s Pediatric Orthotics and Prosthetics Services (POPS) at a D1 Training fitness center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was aimed at providing recreational prosthetics to kids with amputated limbs that would allow them to run, ski, play sports, and more. While everyday prostheses are covered by insurance, recreational ones are not. Patients from Shriners Children’s Salt Lake City were in attendance and were custom fitted with Levitate recreational prosthetics at no cost to their families.. In addition, Kizik, a Utah-based shoe company, gave a pair of their hands-free shoes to each amputee child in attendance through their charity organization, Kizik Cares.

Thank you to Levitate, Kizik, and Brook Raasch, founder and director of Running is a Right, for creating an amazing day for Shriners Children’s patients!

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