Shriners Children’s Partners with ThreePeaks Brands to Improve the Lives of Children

October 16, 2023

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Shriners Children’s, one of the largest pediatric sub-specialty healthcare systems in the world , has announced a multi-year national partnership with ThreePeaks Brands, Inc., a food and beverage company based near Phoenix.

As part of the agreement, ThreePeaks Brands will donate a portion of proceeds from all sales to Shriners Children’s and its mission to improve the lives of children around the world. ThreePeaks Brands, Inc. will carry Shriners Children’s logo on all product labels citing the donation.

“We are extremely excited” said Stuart Sullivan, Chief Philanthropy Officer for Shriners Children’s. “This partnership serves as an example of the philanthropic mindset that ThreePeaks Brands, Inc. has for their company, and we are honored they selected Shriners Children’s to support.”

Shriners Children’s is a special, one-of-a-kind healthcare system with a reputation for finding answers and giving families hope for their child’s future. Since opening its first hospital in 1922, Shriners Children’s has made it their mission to improve the lives of children, regardless of a family's ability to pay or insurance status. Over the last century, Shriners Children’s has treated more than 1.5 million children from more than 170 countries. Today, their multiple locations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico provide advanced care for children with a range of orthopedic issues, as well as care for burn injuries, craniofacial conditions, spine care and spinal cord injuries, colorectal and gastrointestinal care, and sports medicine.

The connection between Shriners Children’s and ThreePeaks Brands was seeded well before the organizations even knew about each other.  “I used to drive by the Shriners Children’s location on 19th Avenue in San Francisco,” reflected Andy Salis, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ThreePeaks Brands, who grew up in San Francisco. “That was the second hospital in the system and was built in 1928. It was beautiful. But what was really beautiful was what they were doing inside to help kids. Everybody in town was proud of the Shriners. And now, decades later, we’re proud to be supporting them in their continuing efforts to provide such needed care.”

ThreePeaks Brands, Inc. produces, markets, and distributes “functional” foods and beverages, products that not only taste good, but also provide enhanced nutritional value.  One of their flagship products is Heathy Dairy® Yogurt Smoothie, a drinkable yogurt that provides 23 essential nutrients, prebiotics, probiotics and active plant botanicals that reduce serum cholesterol.

“We’ve sold this product to the U.S. Navy for more than six years,” Salis said.  “The Defense Logistics Agency tested it against all the big-name brands, and it won hands-down. That’s why it is the only such product on the Navy’s Master Load List and has won their Core Menu Honors status for all six years.

“That’s what our products do,” added Carleton Prince, CEO and President of ThreePeaks Brands, Inc., “they provide enhanced nutrition to improve the lives of our consumers, to help them feel better, live better, get better.  What Shriners Children’s is doing to improve kids’ lives from a medical perspective, ThreePeaks Brands is doing from a nutritional perspective.”

ThreePeaks Brands, Inc. is looking forward to this partnership and supporting Shriners Children’s life-changing mission.  “We are honored to be able to provide support for the critically important work of Shriners Children’s,” Prince continued, “With a portion of every dollar, of every purchase, of every one of our products, going to the organization, this is a very appropriate natural next step in our efforts to improve the health and well-being of people.”

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